nothing will ruin your 20s more than thinking you should have your life together already.
I need to write this on every wall of my room (via beepboopboopbeep)


The pair are anti-heroines in the mould of an Elaine Benes or a Roseanne Conner, characters who are not beloved for feminine virtues of ‘kindness’ or ‘niceness’, but for living their lives unapologetically. - Nicole Elphick

When you separate an entwined particle, and you move both parts away from the other, even on opposite ends of the universe if you alter or affect one, the other will be identically altered or affected. Spooky.

Title: Horchata
Artist: Vampire Weekend
Plays: 1158


Here comes a feeling you thought you’d forgotten

Chairs to sit and sidewalks to walk on

Oh you had it but oh no you lost it

You understood so you shouldn’t have fought it


Cate Blanchett as Katharine Hepburn, The Aviator (2004)

"Movies are movies, Howard. Not life. Now the stage—the stage is real. Real flesh and blood. Human beings right out there in front of you, buster. Can’t look away. Can’t munch popcorn. That would be rude. Oh, I adore the theater. Only alive on-stage."

Let me tell you something: your dad’s not able to see what I see.

Chapter Thirteen

Bradley Cooper Challenge - Day 6: On-screen romance

Pat & Tiffany (Silver Linings Playbook)